Some sad and strange happenings while on the trip

Robin Gibb has died at age 62. (image courtesy of The Sun)

I like to keep tabs on what happens in the rest of the world while on a trip – just to keep tethered to the “real world” as we explore new territory. Here are a few items so far:

– Rod Stewart flew with us on Delta to Shannon, Ireland, in “coach plus.” go figure. I walked past him in the airport and had no idea he was on the flight (my other co-flyers confirmed).

– Donna Summer passed away at a much-too-young 63. A very sad day for Disco-heads. She lost a battle with cancer.

– A Florida mom went on a lunatic rampage and killed her children and herself, sending a text message right before she did it. This type of crime is a scourge on our society.

More to follow I’m sure. Rod Stewart looked as good as he ever has – spiked white hair and a nice looking gal on his arm.

UPDATE: Robin Gibb, another in the iconic disco era as a member of the Bee Gees, has died. he was 62. he lost a brave fight with colon cancer yesterday.